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Agressive, Accessible & Affordable Defense in Federal Courts

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Bret Jordan has 28 years of criminal defense practice, with an emphasis in US Federal District Courts and Courts of Appeals.
Building a strong defense against federal drug charges begins with analyzing the details of your case. Going over any search warrant(s) or wiretap affidavits. I go beyond the charges to look at the circumstances of the arrest, your family background and other mitigating circumstances that can lead to a negotiated agreement that won't result in the harshest federal sentence. I am familiar with the judges and the procedures in the federal district courts. I also know what the prosecutors expect. If your case goes to trial, you have successful, strong advocates fighting for a not-guilty verdict.
Bret Jordan Co. LPA has experience representing individuals charged with all types of federal offenses. They include drug possession and trafficking, conspiracy to distribute narcotics, federal gun charges, RICO offenses and child pornography along with extensive experience litigating the US Federal Sentencing guidelines.
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