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Worker's Compensation

Experienced Worker's Compensation Law Representation in Portage County

If you are injured while at work or develop a job-related occupational disease, you should notify your employer as quickly as possible. Deadlines will vary from state to state, but your ability to receive benefits may be limited if you wait to notify your employer.

You should promptly seek medical treatment for your injury. Make sure to tell the doctor that your injury occurred on the job or in connection with your job. Once you have sought medical treatment for your injury or disease, you should consider contacting a workers’ compensation lawyer or law firm.

After you have received medical treatment, make sure that you formally notify your employer, in writing, before the deadline to receive workers’ compensation benefits passes.

Workers’ compensation laws vary from state to state. Our workers’ compensation attorneys here in Ohio, are able to explain to you the application process and the benefits to which you are entitled.

Although your benefits may vary, workers injured on the job – regardless of whether your employer was at fault – may be entitled to benefits that include:

Medical care
Temporary or permanent disability benefits
Lost time and wages from work
Vocational rehabilitation
Educational assistance
Death benefits

If you receive workers’ compensation following an injury, you cannot sue your employer for additional compensation in connection with your injury. However, you might be able to sue others who are involved in your injury.

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